Development is a science as well as an artform.

Hello world! I'm James Breedlove Developer & Graphic Designer

As a computer science major attending Kennesaw State University, I have over eight years of coding and development experience. I love to create works of art, and development is one of the outlets in which I express my creativity. I'm largely a self-taught, self-motivated individual. A large portion of my knowledge and experience comes from sitting down for 20, or 30 hours a week teaching myself a new technology to ultimately reach a level of proficiency I aspire to achieve. I am currently working in my second rotation as a software engineer intern at The Home Depot. Due to being primarily self-taught, I was able to participate in the internship as a freshman in college.

My focus in CS is artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, and natural speech recognition. AI is one of the next huge computing paradigms as it is allowing us to perform tasks that were previously considered impossible by the computing community. Adaptive systems with the ability to learn, and grow are the future of many industries such as the transportation industry with autonomous vehicles. Economics is also a subject for change as we attempt to optimize large macroeconomic systems. This technology will be an inevitable factor in all of our lives. I plan to receive my masters in machine learning with a focus in Evolving Neural Networks in order to stay on the forefront of this new emerging technology.





As a web developer I've worked on and built several sites over the years. Personal portfolios, small stores, front end, back end, HTML, CSS,  Angular 2, JavaScript, SQL. JSON, you name it. I've used, and had my hand in almost everything.

Mobile is the way we will connect to the world, and consume information in the future. Because of this I've spent the last two years learning Android, and iOS development. I've been at working on two apps (Whattodo, NextMile) that will be ready to launch in the near future.

I design graphics, and layouts for my various projects, such as my emblem, and this website! After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator are my weapons of choice when it comes to tackling a project!




Full Stack


Full Stack




Full Stack


Full Stack




Full Stack


Full Stack




Full Stack


Full Stack



Websites & Portfolios

Want to go to the next level? A website is one of the easiest ways to share your message with the world. As a web developer I can build you a truly responsive, SEO friendly website.

Android & iOS

Have your own business, or a great idea for world domination? A mobile app is a great way to reach your audience. I can get your idea into the hands of Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users.

Web App

Do you need more functionality than a standard website? Or do you want to create a more dynamic user experience? Well then you're in luck! I'll build you a completely responsive web application.

Backend & Databases

I consider myself as a full stack developer which means that I have experience working heavily with back end systems. Need something that uses SpringBoot, OAuth 2, or REST in general? I can help.

Work Process

Having a plan and process is one of the most important aspects when working on a project. I use the formula: design, development, and deployment to work with you, creating exactly what you want.




Once I have an idea of what you want, I'll work with you creating several mockups, making sure that you're getting exactly what you want.

Once the design is in place it's time to code! I'll keep you up to date with the progress of the project and give you accurate timelines.

When the project is completed I will deploy your project on the platforms that you have requested.

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